Running a more eco-friendly office and cutting material costs are growing priorities for many businesses, often fuelled by the holy grail of the paperless workplace possible.

Why Ink is SO expensive

‘Razor and Blades’ business model where an item is sold at a low price in order to increase the sales of a complementary good.

How far do you know?

Block 1

Equipment Cost

Do you know how much exactly it cost for a printers/copier at your company? Are you paying at the right scheme? Does the scheme suits your operating pattern? Does the sales person sell you before they consider what you really need? Or you have already get stuck on an unchangeable payment scheme and looking for someone to help? 

Many companies are facing the same problems when it comes to the acquiring of a photocopier for their own business. They have no idea on how much is the market price for a copier, they have no idea on whether are they paying the market value for the competitive copy charges, they have no idea on what’s worth for an renewal? What’s the behind scene in photocopier industry. Do I go for branded? Do I go for Services? Do I go for lowest offer? Who can i trust? 

If you looking for a trustworthy vendor to work with to find out the answers, possibly you should talk to us to find out your current situations with no obligations attach. Perhaps you are already spending way too much higher compare to the others now.  


Block 2

Running Cost

Some businesses owner always having an illusion of by having a small printer at their SOHO office, will help them to save more on running cost because they may print less. Whereas, some larger size company may also have this problems for some of their department too. However, if you understand how printer industries are getting their revenue from you, you may then possibly think otherwise.

Most of the printing industry are earning their revenue through their own consumable, A $99 worth of printer may seems affordable, but what you have to endure will be its consumable -Toners and Cartridges. According to business history, a normal market printers usually required buyers to purchase 1 or 2 sets of spare toners just in case, and they usually change their models rapidly to keep generating revenue within the industry practice. Therefore, business owners will have to cater an extra cost for consumables, and prepare the printers will be end-of-life one day, or seek alternative to go for compatible ink shop in order to lower their running cost.


Block 3

Maintenance Cost

It is hard to get into a smooth operation while your current printing devices are going malfunction during your busy day, or in between the time when you need to print. Company whom getting less support for their business equipment mainly due to lacking service support from their own vendor. It is very hard for customer to determine  and understand on why some of the companies are getting bad services even from a particular famous vendor too.

Despite the fact we all know that, service level and its revenue are always in an equal sign in printing industry, possibly it may be also a trade secret to an individual salesperson whom did not even mention to your when the time of your purchase.

In order to ease the misunderstanding between customers and vendors, we are here to share with you on what you should take note during the time of purchase, what are the things you should be looking into while getting a new or renewal package offer from your existing vendors.

Pay as You Print

Automatic Toner Supplies

We provides us with ‘Smart Alerts’, page counts and other reporting tools. When the printer reaches a toner low state we are immediately alerted and a new one is dispatched. Free Toner –it’s included | Stock holding – no more ‘dead money’ on the shelves & second guessing how many toners might be needed that week, month, year

Pay for what you Print

It is a completely transparent hardware provision & service. 
We’re keeping the peace of mind of fixed-term packages, printing price is controlled by the customer, not us. We are the provider of managed print services, so instead of pressure selling to our customers to meet manufacturer targets we concentrate on providing a first class service.

Free Delivery and Installation

We will provide free delivery, installation & training on the hardware provided locally.
Our technicians are experienced equipped with IT knowledge to achieve a seamless install with minimum fuss and downtime. 

No Lease Arrangement Options

Lease agreements are great for spreading the cost of high value capital equipment, but what if there was no cost at all? Your service level agreement is exclusively with us and there are no third party lenders or finance agreements involved. TIn short if your hardware requirements change you’re not stuck with it.